About me

I have worked as a clinical psychologist for a number of years and bring a wealth of expertise, knowledge and experience to my work. 

I work in the NHS treating refugees with PTSD who have survived torture, war and sexual violence.  I also teach and train other psychologists nationally and internationally, from Ireland to Iraq.

It's a great privilege to do this work but as some light relief I started to write my newsletter The Mind Minute which is full of my best psychology tips and techniques you can put into action in under a minute. Over time this has turned into my book, Stressilient: How To Beat Stress and Build Resilience, which you can buy here. My aim was to create an indispensable, easy and effective go-to guide to help you get from surviving to thriving.

Whether I am treating a refugee woman from Somalia or a professional woman from London, my work is always informed by the same principle - to provide high quality, science-backed psychology to help make a difference in day to day living.

Prior to gaining my doctorate in Clinical Psychology from UCL, I spent ten years making documentaries for the BBC and Channel 4 and worked on programmes such as Panorama and Dispatches. And before that, I studied Classics at Oxford. So, I have moved around a bit and I love trying to combine all of the experience I have had in different areas of my life to make psychology accessible in everyday life.  

I live in London with my husband and young daughter. In my spare time, I like to partake in marathons. Box-set marathons. On the sofa.


  • Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, University College London
  • B.A. in Classics, Wadham College Oxford


  • Chartered Member of the British Psychological Society
  • Membership of the British Association of Behavioural And Cognitive Psychotherapists (BABCP)
  • Member of the Association for Contextual Behavioural Science (ACBS) 

I founded She Minds to help creative working women thrive in their lives and careers by understanding their minds better.

I have been a psychologist for several years helping women thrive. It suddenly dawned on me that so many of the things I was helping people with in the consulting room could be really useful to lots of women  who want to understand how to use their minds more effectively.

I wanted to bring cutting edge psychology into everyday life because I could see how it was changing my clients’ lives, so I created an online psychology toolkit. It’s somewhere where you can call into anytime to find the best and scientific ways to deal with life’ challenges and to live a rich and meanigful life.

Here you’ll find tools to deal with procrastination, fear of public speaking, lack of confidence - all the stuff that gets in the way of you getting where you need to be. Don’t let your mind hold you back.

About me

Well, I have hopped about the place a bit. I studied classics, which I still love. Latin reading group anyone? I then spent 10 years making documentaries the BBC and Channel 4. Like many of you I am sure, I suddenly realised that I couldn’t see myself doing the same job in 15 years so I left TV to retrain as a clinical psychologist, and here I am. Older, wiser, rounder.

When I am not running She Minds, I treat refugees with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which really isn’t as depressing as it sounds.

And when I am not doing that, I like partaking in marathons. Box-set marathons. On the sofa.